YARI - Macadamia Oil . Natural Makadamia oil! 250ml

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Action: Makadamia oil is widely used in natural care. You can use it for oiling hair and face, massage and bathing. Unsatellite effects can also be achieved by using makadamia oil for whole body skin care, especially in those places where you are struggling with the first cellululite manifests and less firmness of the skin.

Macadamia oil is obtained from the nuts of the macadamia tree (Macadamia ternifolia). It is an oil rich in vitamins and nutrients that are valuable to the skin. Contains m.in. vitamins A, B and E, phenols, lecithin and minerals. It is also an oil with a high concentration of essential unsaturated fatty acids (NNKT). It contains as much as 67% oleic acid, 24% oleopalmitic acid (in which it is equal to sea buckthorn oil) and 10% palmitic acids. Squalene is also a valuable ingredient in makadamia oil, which has a significant impact on its properties.

Our high-end Macadamia seed oil, significantly regenerates and slows down aging processes, has palmitooleic acid in its composition, exactly like the human epidermis. Makadamia oil is perfectly absorbed, it can be a great base for massages and beauty treatments in SPA and beauty salons. Makadamia oil is valued in the care of brittle and damaged hair, provides them with deep nutrition and smoothing. Thanks to this, the hair is shiny and easy to arrange.


– care of dry, irritated skin, regeneration of epidermis, improvement of elasticity

– oiling of hair and scalp

– treatment of scars, pustules, etc.

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YARI - Macadamia Oil . Natural Makadamia oil! 250ml