Sattva Ayurveda - Natural Henna Cassia nourishing, thickening hair, restorative!

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The insane glow of healthy hair! The new Sattva Ayurveda brand, which has replaced the Swati brand,is a step towards even easier and more effective natural hair coloring! The new cardboard package contains 150 g of better ground henna in a bio-package with a string closure, brushes and two caps and two pairs of gloves. All this to make hennownie more pleasant! Cassia, although colloquially called neutral henna,is a completely different plant and has other properties. It is ideal as a natural herbal hair enhancer and additive to hennic blends. With cassia (or sleepy) you will give your hair golden reflections. The effect is more visible on the hair bright. The dye contained in cassia, combining with keratin in the hair, significantly thickens them. Powdered cassia obovata plant leaves are recommended in particular for brittle, thin, matte hair and chemicald hair. Exceptionally effectively strengthen the damaged hair along with the bulbs, restoring them shine, volume and counteracting prolapse. The product can be used by pregnant women. The effect is visible even after the first use! NOTE: Cassia needs 48 hours to fully act, so you'll get the final effect of its use 48 hours after application. Until then, do not wash your hair with shampoo. How to use: Wash your hair with shampoo (without silicones). Mix the amount of powder you need with warm water at about 80 ° C to form a smooth paste. Leave henna for at least 30 minutes, but preferably when cassia is set aside at 12-24 h. By putting aside casing, you let her show the full conditioning capabilities. Put on the protective gloves to protect your hands from coloring. Divide your hair into four sections, apply the paste thoroughly from the root to the ends in each section. Wrap your head with foil and apply a towel to keep the temperature right. Leave on the hair for 2-3 hours. Wash off the henna with warm water. Ingredients: Cassia Obovata (leaf powder/ powdered leaves)
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Sattva Ayurveda - Natural Henna Cassia nourishing, thickening hair, restorative!