YOPE – Natural shower gel “Coconut and sea salt” deeply moisturizing! 400ml

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Natural shower gel – YOPE

Moisturizing gel ideal for dry skin!

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Natural moisturizing shower gel

Fragrance: appetizingly sweet and refreshingly salty

It works: Rich in carbohydrates, mineral salts, proteins and vitamins coconut extract, which deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Minerals and microelements contained in sea salt, maintain the natural balance of the skin and ensure its proper functioning. After bathing, the skin is moisturized, elastic, smooth and soft to the touch. That’s m.in. obtained from palm kernel oil and maize oil grease and moisturizing ingredient with Ecocert certification and neutral pH, which does not irritate or dry out. For demanding, dry skin.

The next edition of YOPE Natural Shower Gels is a discovery this summer – they are perfect for skin warmed by the sun’s rays. On holiday, the body is just waiting to cool down in the shower, and with the new YOPE gels it will be an even more pleasant moment!

As usual, we have prepared three unique fragrances for you.
It is a refreshing and regenerating Yunnan with extracts of black and green Chinese tea. The second fragrance is a pleasant and moisturizing Coconut with Sea Salt, which further supports the functioning of the skin thanks to the presence of a complex of micorelements and mineral salts. And finally, the pampering body and senses rose with Frankincense, which our customers (and ourselves!) loved so much that from the limited edition for Women’s Day, goes on sale on a permanent basis.

With YOPE gels you will naturally and pleasantly take care of your skin in your daily care!

Your senses of sense of sense of sense go crazy – NOT JUST YOURS!

It will be best if you make a duet from it and combine it with gel from the same series:


YOPE shower gels contain a complex of mild washing ingredients obtained, among others, from coconut oil, palm kernels (ecocert certified ingredient) and corn. They gently wash the skin and moisturize, so that after washing it is not irritated and does not dry out. In addition, neutral pH makes the gels gentle on sensitive and delicate skin.

They do not contain SLES, SLS, PEG, PRB, animal ingredients.

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