YARI – Natural ARGAN OIL, Argan Oil ! 250ml

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Argan oil is currently the most popular oil in the world. We can apply it to the whole body, face, hair and nails. Morocco’s liquid gold is recommended for people with problems such as dryness, flaccidity and dehydration of the skin, acne, psoriasis, wrinkles, brittle and brittle nails, weak, falling out and dry hair, scars from smallpox or odor. 80% of the composition of Argan Oil is unsaturated fatty acids, mainly oleic and linoleic – they mainly make its effect on our skin so invaluable.

Regular use of Argan Oil on the skin of the face slid wrinkles.

The oil rebuilds the hydrolipid layer of the epidermis, thanks to which the body is moisturized and the skin is elasticized and smoothed. It protects the skin from the harmful effects of the external environment, such as excessive sunlight, wind or cold. Argan oil also has firming properties, so it can be used to prevent the formation of cellulite. Used in the long term reduces the visibility of scars.

It accelerates hair growth and regenerates the tips of the hair. It can be applied directly to the scalp or as a mask. Applied to hair helps to restore their shine and elasticity. It prevents split ends, moisturizes, and according to many women, after prolonged use, the hair becomes denser and stronger.

Applied regularly to eyelashes thickens them and lengthens them.

In addition, thanks to its moisturizing properties, it perfectly soothes the skin after sunbathing. Reduces redness and irritation and discoloration. Regularly rubbed into the skin of the hand moisturizes, elasticizes and reduces discoloration, while protecting against the negative effects of the environment and detergents to which the hands are heavily exposed. It is also recommended for use on nails together with lemon juice. It strengthens them and prevents breaking and crushing.


The product is intended for all women, regardless of age; anti-wrinkle. Especially recommended for dry skin.

How to use

Massage a small amount of oil into the skin of the face or body. Suitable for skin care

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