Vianek – Gift Set / GiftBOX – Body Firming Set! 4 pcs + box!

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The set includes:

Firming shower gel:

Shower gel, containing mild but effective washing agents, is an excellent complement to daily anti-cellulite prophylaxis. Contains flavonoid-rich sloe flower extract with a strengthening and antioxidant effect. Thanks to the high content of urea, the gel strongly softens the epidermis, increases hydration and improves the elasticity of the skin. Thanks to cinnamon oil with firming properties, the bath adds vigor and visibly improves the condition of the skin.

Firming body lotion:

A highly moisturizing body lotion, designed for daily care and anti-cellulite prophylaxis. It contains extracts of ivy, malva flowers and clover,which have a strengthening effect on the skin and slow down its aging processes. Thanks to the high content of humectants (glycerin andurea), after application softening, smoothing and firming of the skin is felt. The addition of essential oil of cinnamon bark guarantees an improvement in skin tone and elasticity. Balm systematically used reduces the symptoms of cellulite in the first stage.

Firming smoothing body scrub:

A firming and smoothing body scrub with finely ground raspberry seeds and sugar,exfoliates dead skin, smoothes the skin and deeply moisturizes it. Cinnamon oil, thanks toits properties firms and prevents the formation of cellulite. Aromatic fragrance makes skin massage a pleasure, and the effects visible after the first use.

Restorative hand cream:

Regenerating hand cream with white mulberry leaf extract with anti-aging properties and brightening discoloration. Cold-pressed oils (linseed,saddle) and butter (shea, avocado)provide exceptional nutrition to the skin and provide it with protection from adverse factors. Urea and glycerin,binding water in the deeper layers of the epidermis, guarantee the maintenance of the correct level of hydration for a long time. Systematic use of the cream provides the hands with softness, elasticity and a young appearance.

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