Shamanka – Reusable sponge/petal – double-sided, make-up remover, masks washer!

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Washer / Multiple Beauty Petal!

ZERO WASTE: The make-up remover with a petal does not require the use of any other detergents and reduces the consumption of disposable cosmetic swabs. After total consumption of the petal, you can use it as a body washer, or it can become a help with cleaning. You save money and do not produce garbage.

REPEATED USE: with daily use is enough for about 200 make-up removers without detergents: about half a year.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: in addition to make-up removal, thanks to special fibers, improves skin circulation, ultragently scrubs it and makes it fresh, clean and healthy.

ORGANIC: the product washes the poppy with water alone

How to use: Exactly soak the petal with warm water. Gently press to the eye- wait a while, then wash off the make-up as usual- gently washing off the macaroni and shadows with a petal. The second (pure) side of the petal, wash off exactly the makeup from the whole face. If necessary, again soak the petal during the procedure. After the make-up remover, carefully wash the petal. You can also use the petal with gel, foam, cosmetic milk and for oiling the face.

Diameter: approx. 12 cm, thickness approx. 2 cm

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