Shamanka – Jade facial massager + GUASHA stone filled with sunny energy! Set

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  • made of natural jade – the stone of youth
  • high quality of workmanship
  • made with attention to every detail
  • massage stimulates blood circulation and lymph
  • massage has anti-wrinkle effect
  • massage can be performed dry or with oil/SERUM
  • improves skin elasticity & beautifies
  • convenient and easy to use


  • plate designed for massage of the face and body gua sha
  • gua sha is an ancient traditional Chinese massage
  • it is a therapeutic massage that has a positive effect on the skin
  • cleanses toxins, improves circulation, reduces swelling
  • anti-wrinkle, lifting, improves face oval
  • restores skin shine, reduces dark circles under the eyes
  • the tile is convenient and easy to use
  • made of jade – the stone of youth

Jade – called the stone of youth, is a popular in Asia natural way to preserve youth and good skin condition. Massage with an eiletal roller brings many benefits: the coolness secreted by the rollers closes the pores, the swelling and dark circles under the eyes decrease, increases blood circulation. Massage relaxes muscles by reducing the visibility of small wrinkles. It has a not only beautifying but also relaxing and relaxing effect.

  • Dimension: length approx. 13cm
  • Group: natural stone – jade
  • Colour: green


It is called the “stone of youth” – it is a favorite stone of biotherapists who use its energy to support it in procedures.

  • Strengthens the body and gives longevity
  • Balances and heals the whole body, harmonizes it, relaxes nerves
  • It is praised as the epitome of beauty and spiritual values
  • Attracts success, friendship and loyalty
  • Symbolizes the unity of spirit and mind

How to use a roller massager:

Remember that only a systematically performed facial massage will bring visible benefits. Before using the massager can be cooled in the refrigerator but it is not necessary. For massage it is recommended to use natural oils or serums available from me in the store. We make movements from the inside to the outer side of the face. Along the neck from top to bottom.

We avoid contact of the metal part with water, we clean the rollers with a moistened swab/ cloth. The massager, once every few weeks, we leave in a sunny place to charge the stone with solar energy to regain its glow and properties.

How to use stone for GUASHA massages:

Massage is performed on cleansed face skin. For massage, we recommend the use of natural oils e.g. argan, with fig ozoz (natural Botox), with raspberry seeds, rose beauty oil (available at our auctions). We do not perform a massage on dry skin – the skin must be covered with oil so that the plate easily moves around the skin. Massage can be done according to the scheme below – so the massage made will allow you to massage the muscles and lead the lymph. We make movements from the inside to the outer side of the face and then down

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