Shamanka – Hand massager – Anti-cellulite!┬á:)

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Shamanka – Hand massager – Anti-cellulite!┬á:)

A simple massager with hard rounded wooden protrusions clearly stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph, firming and smoothing the skin of thighs or buttocks.┬áIt helps to cleanse the body of toxins and oxygenate the skin.┬áIt is small, handy and easy to clean (just rinse it with warm water, optionally wash with soap and water and wipe with a paper towel).┬áMassage should be done in the shower or “dry” (using olive or firming balm) with circular movements for several minutes.┬áThe best effects will be when we use it every day.

Orange skin is a nuisance to many women, which we recall in summer especially, revealing thighs in a bathing suit or shorts. In order to control her at least to some extent, it is worth (apart from exercises and professional balms) to try a hand-held anti-cellulite massager that helps to firm the skin and break down the fat stored in the tissue.

Operation: visible, provided that it will be used regularly. An additional plus is the lack of bursting capillaries or bruises during use!

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