SHAMANKA – Hand-held scalp massager with massage balls! 19cm

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Scalp massager – advantages

  1. Stimulates hair growth! The head massager stimulates the blood supply to the scalp, which makes the skin better oxygenated and nourished. Hair bulbs squeal with joy, hair grows faster and is more denser.
  2. Relaxes in a minute! Very quickly helps to relax after a day of work and stress. Great especially for people living on the run!
  3. It is cheaper than a massage in a massage parlor! It costs pennies, you can make it yourself at home, and you do not need the other person for it. Nor a licensed masseur.
  4. It’s handy! You can take it anywhere and miss it, for example, during a break from work. Just not with others – it can look strange.
  5. For migraine. Hard to believe, but … Works! Scalp massage relieves all-day tension and helps relieve persistent headaches.
  6. Perfect for a gift. It does not cost much, almost everyone will stand for it, and the face of the person who gets it is … Priceless! Great not only for workman or neurosis
  7. Hair is more raised at the root and nourished – this is the effect of using a massager and hair and scalp ines. This combination is simply phenomenal: massage improves the blood supply to the scalp and thanks to it the ingredients from conditioners and ines are much better absorbed. Now you can only see the effects of hair care!
  8. Monstrous tension headaches have ceased. Work, life on the run, everyday problems made itself felt. A daily session with a head massager helped me deal with them






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