Shamanka – A set of “spoons” to remove blackheads, blackheads!

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Shamanka – A set of “spoons” to remove blackheads, blackheads!
Spoon loops for blackheads, blackheads and other skin imperfections facilitate hygienic removal of impurities from hard to reach places. The teaspoon set is made of stainless steel, which is easy to disinfect.

IMPORTANT! Before starting the treatment of blackheads, the complexion should be prepared – the skin can be softened, for example, with a sausage, or put a moist and warm handkerchief on the face for a few minutes, which will open the pore entrances. Blackheads are removed by applying a loop so that it is in the middle – gently press the skin, which will cause the blackhead to be squeezed up. Finally, treat the face with a soothing irritant. After each use, the device should be disinfected with, for example, a cosmetic spirit, and the face washed with a non-alcoholic tonic, and I have a very large selection of tonics in the store!


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