Sattva Ayurveda – natural herbal hair colour – Natural Henna – Red color! 150g

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Pure Henna Red herbal hair colour

The package contains 100% powdered leaves of Lawsonia Inermis. Natural henna color bright hair in red and ginger shades. In case of dark hair gives beautiful mahogany reflections. Ideally dye gray hair. Applying henna makes your hair stronger, healthier and more shiny. The more often you use Sattva Ayurvedic henna, the better condition will be your hair! It can be also used by pregnant women.

ATTENTION: The color will darken for 48 hours, so the final colour of henna is obtained 48 hours after its application. Until then, do not wash your hair with a shampoo. Before use, it is recommended to test on a small part of the skin.

How to use:  Wash your hair with shampoo (without silicones), mix needed amount of powder with warm water with a temperature about 80 ° C to form a smooth paste. Leave henna for 30 minutes. Wear protective gloves to protect hands from staining. Divide the hair into four sections, accurately apply time from the root to the ends in each section. Wrap your head with plastic cap and put towel to keep the right temperature. Keep for 2-3 hours. Wash dye with warm water.

Ingredients: Lawsonia Inermis

In addition, the package includes: Two pairs of gloves, two plastic caps and brush ready for use

Manufactured in India.

Product not tested on animals.

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Sattva Ayurveda


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