Sattva Ayurveda – Certified incense with TULSI fragrance! 30g/15 sticks

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The word sattva means goodness, positivity, truth, health, compatibility, holistic view of the world, creativity, constructiveness, balance, confidence, peace, purity, inner need of Dharma and John (knowledge).

Tulsi is called Holy Basil Asian. The essence is obtained by distilling Tulsi, mainly from its leaves. Tulsi is used in most Hindu houses for worship and is therefore considered the holiest herb. In Ayurvedic medicine, tulsi is used as a medicinal agent especially for prolonged coughing.

Incense is made from the essence of flowers, herbs, wood, plant resins and honey. Hand-rolled on bamboo.

This incense is handmade with 400 years of tradition

It does not contain synthetic odour, ingredients or petrochemical products.

How to use: Light incense with a small flame. Blow away the flame. Incense will cut for 60-70 minutes.

15 sticks – 30g


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Sattva Ayurveda