PROMOTION!! Rosadia – Sylveco: Washing gel + Micellar liquid + Makeup Removal Oil + Intensive Serum! PROMOTION !! ?

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A set of one-of-a-kind cosmetics!

NEW from Sylveco – Natural, unmatched cosmetics!

They do not have equal in their naturalness, intensity, smell!

The best cosmetics on the market at the moment for the care of mature, sensitive and vascular skin!

A lightweight oil serum designed for all skin types, especially sensitive, mature or capillaries. It contains rosehip oil with unique properties of reducing existing and inhibiting wrinkles. Perilla oil increases the production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Vitamin E together with the damask rose oil protect against the negative impact of the external environment, regenerate and reduce redness. After applying the serum, the skin becomes visibly smoother, radiant and more elastic.

Rosadia is a brand with a “rose” leitmotif. Perfect for all types of skin. Above all, it will appeal to the owners of dry, mature, sensitive and capillaries.

Cleaning gel for the face.
Intended for cleansing sensitive, vascular, red, mature skin.

Created on the basis of hydrolate from damask rose and natural cleansing ingredients.

Effectively washed, without disturbing the natural lipid barrier, and the addition of mandelic acid stimulates the skin to faster regeneration, unifies the skin tone and reduces fine wrinkles. The nutritional and antioxidant properties are supported by evening primrose oil and natural orange essential oil.

Delicate makeup remover oil.
Composed on the basis of nutritional vegetable oils: sunflower, grape seed and cleansing castor oil.

The addition of vitamin E provides a slower aging process and protection against external factors. For the exotic, floral and fresh note of the product corresponds to natural rosewood oil, which additionally relaxes and intensively regenerates the epidermis. After applying the oil the skin stays clearly cleansed, moisturized and soothed.

Micellar fluid
A multifunctional preparation for cleansing and toning sensitive, mixed, mature and capillary skin. Created on the basis of the damask rose hydrolate, which has anti-aging and antioxidant properties, improving skin elasticity.

The addition of lactic acid unifies its color and texture, smoothing out small mimic wrinkles. After applying the liquid, a clear feeling of comfort, cleanliness and freshness remains on the skin.

Glossary of rose ingredients in natural cosmetics Rosadia:

Bulgarian Pink Rose (Rosa Damascena) Hydrolate (hydrolate from the damask rose)
Hydrolates are referred to as distillates, “floral waters” or “plant waters”. Hydrolates are formed as a by-product of acquiring essential oils in the process of distillation with water vapor of plants.
Hydrolat is the remaining distillation water, which contains dissolved components of plant material and small amounts of essential oil. Hydrolates are in the form of a liquid with a subtle odor and pH close to the natural skin reaction. Just like essential oils are pure essences of a given plant material,
but in a milder and diluted form.

Rosa Damascena Flower Oil (damask rose oil)
It is obtained by distillation of hand-picked damask rose flowers (Rosa damascena) grown in the famous Rose Valley in Kazanluk, Bulgaria. From two to five tons of collected flowers 1 kg of essential oil is distilled. For over 330 years Damascus Rose has been cultivated in this area.

It is believed that the Valley of Roses has unique, exceptional conditions (soil structure, air humidity, cloudiness and rainfall) to obtain the highest quality rose oil. Roses are collected in a strictly defined time, from sunrise to around 10.00-11.00 hours because then the flowers have the largest
concentration of oils.
In the perfumery, this scent is a pattern of floral aroma. The natural oil contains several hundred ingredients – including alcohols, esters, aldehydes, acetals, terpenes and many others that make up its fragrance bouquet.
Floral character




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