Fitokosmetik – Goat Dereza – Face mask “Deep nutrition”! 175ml

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If you have noticed that your skin looks tired, is dry, has an earthy tint and reacts badly to changing weather conditions, it is a sign that it needs intensive nutrition. This will provide her with a mask with goat’s milk Phytoosmetik Goat Dereza.

Ultra-light and non-chi6y mask formula perfectly spreads on the face, creating an even coating. During application, active ingredients are released that stimulate cell renewal, increase tissue elasticity, strongly moisturize and soften.

Goat’s milk with vitamin C, proteins and casein stimulates the production of collagen, and thus to smooth the face.

Avocado oil strengthens the hydrolipid coat and increases absorption capacity. Olive oil gently greases, adds shine and protects against the harmful effects of external factors.

Pistedust oil, on the other hand, has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Egg yolk gets rid of discoloration stacs and minor imperfections, it is also a source of needed vitamins.

A deeply nourishing face mask with goat’s milk Phytoskosmetik Goat Dereza will restore the face to a rested and fresh appearance, getting rid of irritations, imperfections and discoloration.

How to use: Apply a portion of the mask to the cleaned and dried face and leave for about 10 000 m. 5–10 min, after this time rinse the residue with warm water. Also try the blue fairytale clay for the face, body and hair of Phytosmetik Goat Derez.


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