Fitokosmetik – “Goat Dereza” rejuvenating a mask based on goat’s milk! 175ml

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Another wonderful mask in our drugstore in nl!

Experience the wonderful rejuvenating power from the active ingredients used in the formula of the Phytokosmetik Koza Dereza face mask. Ultra-light and nourishing recipe with goat’s milk, jojoba oil, aloe and hyaluronic acid delays skin aging processes such as discoloration, wrinkles, loss of elasticity or tired appearance.

The manufacturer has placed in the mask substances with moisturizing, smoothing, firming and nourishing properties that improve the condition of the skin, contributing to its rejuvenation. Goat’s milk is a wealth of proteins, vitamin C and cases that stimulate collagen production and thus fill furrows and lines from the inside. Aloe acts as a soothing compress that soothes irritated areas on the face. Jojoba oil firms, smoothes and nourishes, is perfectly assirated by the epidermis.

Benefit from the rejuvenating properties of active ingredients placed in the formula of a face mask with goat’s Milk Fitokosmetik Koza Dereza. The product used regularly visibly improves the appearance of the face, taking you off for years!

How to use: Apply a portion of the mask to the cleaned and dried face and leave for about 10 000 m. 5–10 min, after this time rinse the residue with warm water. Also try the rejuvenating body scrub Phytokosmetik Koza Dereza.


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