MOHANI – Muslin cloth for washing and make-up remover of the face!

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Removes make-up & skin impurities. It allows you to get rid of blackheads and dead skin.

It’s great for ocm make-up remover oils, but you might as well use it to wash off masks or clays.

The cloth is made of a pleasant material that effectively collects impurities, serbium and remnants of make-up from the skin. Frequent use of muslin cloth in the evening make-up remover can replace facial scrub – the skin is smoothed, pleasant to the touch, and dry peels are removed.

Who is a muslin cloth recommended for? for people who want to thoroughly clean the skin of any impurities; for persons using the OCM method; for people who have problems washing masks and clays, and want to use a helpful accessory; for vegans and vegetarians.

APPLICATION: The cloth can be used alone, in combination with oil or other cosmetics for the face, neck and décolleté. Make a make-up remover with the help of an essential oil intended for this purpose. Spread the oil over the skin of the face with your hands and massage gently to dissolve the make-up. Then soak the muslin cloth in warm water and gently wipe off the face with impurities oil. Hand wash the cloth with warm soapy water.


Excellent in combination with the OCM method – facial cleansing with the help of oils.

OCM: how is it done?

First, you need to make a mixture of oils, which we will cleanse the face. It is suitable basically for any type of skin, but especially for dry, very dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.

In the basic version it consists of castor oil and base oil (let’s always choose unrefined oils, as they contain much more valuable nutrients):

  • dry skin – 90% of the base oil and 10% castor oil;
  • normal skin – 80% base oil and 20% castor;
  • oily skin – 70% of the base oil and 30% castor oil.

Why is castor oil in the OCM mixture?

It is very similar in composition to our sebum and perfectly cleanses the skin. However, it has drying properties and if for someone its action is too intense (Attention! It happens that castor oil sensitizes), you can reduce its content in the mixture. Castor oil can also be replaced with jojoba oil, which is available in the store.

It provides the effect of smooth and clean skin without the need for peeling. You can also use muslin wipes to wash off scrubs, clays or face masks.

100% natural product

Muslin cloth is a useful accessory for make-up remover and face wash.





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