MOHANI – Massage brush, body – improving blood supply, firming, getting rid of dead skin!

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Body care brush with detachable handle. Designed for both bathing and wet and dry body massage. Due to the hardness of fibers is especially recommended for wet massage. It is made of solid FSC beech wood and natural agave cactus fiber. It can be used by men and women.

Mohani brush is the original decoration of the bathroom and accessory allowing to remove the keratinized epidermis and stimulate blood circulation. Detachable handle makes it easy to wash your back. After brush massage, the skin becomes extremely smooth and soft, and in addition, it is better to assirate the valuable ingredients of the cosmetics applied later. Lotions or body oils are better absorbed, and thanks to this they act faster and more effectively.

Separately, the brush can be used for massage of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Massage performed regularly favorably affects the skin – firms it and tightens it, and also helps to cope with cellulite. The brush has a comfortable strap that makes it easy to hold the brush and prevents it from slipping.

The brush was produced in Poland by a traditional craft method, hand-finished.

Brush length: 50 cm
Bristles length: medium
Country of manufacture: Poland


Use for bathing and massage body wet or dry.

Brush after bathing and wet massage carefully rinse under clean water, shake off the water and hang with bristles down, or put on dry sling with bristles down. It should not be dried on a warm heater or with a dryer.

Brush after dry massage wipe against the hand to remove the remains of the epidermis. If necessary, we wash in soapy water, rinse under clean water and dry naturally with bristles down. The first brushing effects can be seen after only a few days. The key here is regularity. The skin is smoothed and well blooded. The body becomes firm and tense. When brushing becomes your habit, how brushing your teeth the effects of this method will surprise you nicely and you will no longer want to give up. Look for reviews on the web, many women praise this method of taking care of the body. The effect of firming the body can be strengthened by the use of shea butter or jojoba oil after each bath. This oil naturally smoothes and tightens the skin.

Contraindication are inflammations of the skin, allergic changes, psoriasis and birthmarks. Do not brush places with fresh scars after treatments. If you have varicose veins, you should also give up this method of taking care of the body. Dry brushing is not advisable in people with high ripple pressure and struggling with inflammation of the joints and muscles.


solid beech wood FSC, natural fiber of agave cactus

Brush suitable for vegans and vegetarians – it was not made of zoonotic products.

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