Manufactory Nature – Natural rejuvenating and restorative oil from “baobab”! 30ml

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If you had the opportunity in school times to read “In the desert and in the wilderness”, you probably remember that the huge, empty baobab trunk gave refuge to Stasi and Nel. By natives called the Tree of Life and a plant that grows ‘roots up’ (due to the characteristic crown; its construction actually resembles the root system). He seduces with a light, characteristically nutty fragrance, moving us to the African savannah.

How to use baobab oil?

  • baobab oil is suitable for care for sensitive skin – enrich it with your favorite moisturizing cream, body lotion or serum immediately before use or use as a replacement for cosmetics; we especially recommend to use it after a bath – damp skin will perfectly absorb the product,
  • regularly rubbed into stretch marks and scars, prevent the formation of new and shallow already visible changes,
  • this product is great for skin care after sunbathing,
  • use massage oil; heat any amount of oil in your hand, add your favorite essential oil and massage the selected part of the body,
  • recondition your hair – apply the oil to dry hair for a minimum of 20 minutes (preferably all night), cover with a towel and wash as usual; hair will remain nourished and shiny,
  • before straightening the hair, secure their tips with a few drops of essential oil massaged into dry or damp hair,
  • baobab oil, applied directly to the nails, restores their elasticity, moisturizes and will lead to dry and cracked peel,
  • the addition of a few drops of oil to the portion of the hair conditioner visibly softens and moisturizes the strands.

Raw material name by INCI: Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil

Cold pressed oil, unrefined, 100 Natural

Country of origin: Ghana


Store the oil at room temperature, away from heat and light sources.

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