Manufaktura Nature – Natural sweet almond olek – wonderful hydration! 80ml

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In ancient times, scepter for kings was made from almond wood – it was believed that it possesses a mysterious power that passes to the ruler. Few people know that Vincent van Gogh, infatuated with the view of a thriving tree, painted a painting of ‘The Thriving Almond’. No wonder, then, is the fact that oil embossed from its fruits is characterized by a unique effect. The mild smell, amber color and universal purpose made it italy’s favorite cosmetic, which use it in the care of the whole body, from the feet to the tips of the hair.

How do I use it?

  • add a few drops of bath oil, and the skin will remain moisturized; it can also be used for infants,
  • reach for it while pregnant – the essential oil will naturally prevent the formation of stretch marks not only on the abdomen, but also on the thighs, buttocks and breasts,
  • use it as a natural hair conditioner; inthe ends of the strands will protect the hair from the harmful effects of the weather, and before going to the pool – chlorine,
  • it has been proven that the smell of essential oil has a calming effect; it is successfully used in aromatherapy,
  • rub the oil into the skin of the face and body – it perfectly copes with rough and tight skin, leaving it soft and moisturized,
  • combine the oil with sugar and use it in the form of a facial scrub,
  • oil will bring soothing to dried ears and hands during the winter,
  • also suitable for make-up removal of waterproof cosmetics,

Composition/INCI: Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil

Cold-pressed oil, unrefined, Soil Association Organic certified


Sweet almond oil is very susceptible to sunlight. It should be stored in a shaded place, at room temperature.

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