Nature Manufactory – Natural strawberry seed oil, maintains a constant level of hydration… and not only ­čŹô! 30ml

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Strawberries are one of the symbols of the sunny summer. Few people know, however, that from the small seeds of the fruit is pressed oil called strawberry elixir of youth. It owes its name primarily because it is a valuable source of non-essential fatty acids and anti-aging antioxidants. Strawberry seed oil is a dark green, light product, and its smell can be compared to slightly nutty and fruity notes.

How do I use it?

Strawberry seed oil perfectly replenishes the deficiencies of fatty acids in the skin while maintaining a constant level of its hydration. We especially recommend its use to people with dry and sensitive skin, damaged, mature with signs of aging, problem with overproduction of sebum, irritated, contaminated, delicate skin around the eyes. It is lightweight, quickly absorbed, moisturizes, protects, nourishing, astringent, cleansing and regenerating.

It can be applied to the skin in undiluted form or in combination with other oils or favorite creams.

In skin care:

  • as a substitute for daily cream; in moist, cleansed skin, massage a few drops of the product until it is completely absorbed,
  • in combination with your favorite face cream; mix a portion of cream with oil in a ratio of 1:1, so that you will enrich its composition,
  • If you mix oil with your favorite hydrol summer in a ratio of 1:1, you will create your own two-phase make-up remover, which will not only cleanse the skin of impurities, but also will nurture the complexion. For those with dry skin, we recommend choosing rose hydrolate. For those with oily or mixed skin ÔÇô lavender or chamomile,
  • a mixture of sweet almond oil and strawberry seed oil in a 4:1 ratio is one of the best skin moisturizers; if you add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, the product will also make itself as a massage oil,
  • add a tablespoon of oil to a warm bath; skin after washing will remain soft, smooth and pleasantly nourished.

In hair care:

  • suitable for nourishing any type of hair,
  • apply in the form of compresses; 2 tablespoons of oil massage into strands for 30 minutes, and after this time wash as usual,
  • add a few drops to the hair conditioner immediately before use; this will give the hair an extra glow and become elastic,
  • unruly strands will be subdued with a few drops of oil applied to the ends of the hair.

In the care of hands and nails:

  • regularly rub oil into the skin of the hand, which will provide them with an adequate level of hydration, especially when they are exposed to adverse weather conditions,
  • apply oil to the skins; strengthen them and restore the glow of the nail plate.

INCI: Fragaria Pineapple (Strawberry) Seed Oil

Cold pressed oil, unrefined, 100 Natural

Storage: Once opened, the oil is best stored in the refrigerator

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