Manufactory Nature – Natural Rose Hydrolate­čî╣! 100ml

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Let the delicate aroma of hydrolate spread across the apartment, and the valuable components of the preparation cherish the skin. Take advantage of the benefits of the queen of flowers, the symbol of love, strength and beauty. Rose is considered one of the most exclusive and more expensive materials of plant origin.

How do I use it?

  • use hydrolate as a water phase in cosmetic recipes and powdermasks,
  • suitable for the care of any type of complexion and can be used as a replacement for the daily tonic for the face,
  • rose hydrolate is a great redness liquid ÔÇô just soak the swashes and apply them for 10 min to the skin,
  • use the product as a perfumed body and hair mist,
  • sprinkle the pillow before bedtime, and relieve stress and make it easier to fall asleep,
  • by diluting it shampoo 1:1 smooth your hair and nourish the scalp,
  • enrich hydrosummer favorite face cream, body lotion or milk,
  • use as a gentle make-up remover,
  • add the hydrolat to the bath, and in combination with warm water it will relax perfectly,
  • spray it apartment and clothes ÔÇô hydrolats are excellent, hypoallergenic perfumes.


Raw material name by INCI: Rosa damascena (Rose) Flower Water Organic

100 Natural, Soil Association Organiccertificate


In a tightly closed package, at room temperature or (according to preference) in the refrigerator. Avoid direct access to moisture and sunlit places.


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