Manufaktura Natura – Korean Konjac Sponge – Natural! 1 pc

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Konjac sponges have conquered the cosmetic world thanks to their numerous and valued properties. They are irreplaceable for daily skin care. Hand-made, made of natural plant fibers, without the addition of artificial dyes or odors, they are great for the care of any type of complexion. Problematic, oily, dry, mixed, youthful or mature skin, each type will appreciate the delicate structure of the sponge with daily care.

Due to their naturally alkaline pH and gentle exfoliating effect, our Konjac sponges are very effective in removing impurities on the skin and smoothing its structure even without the use of any cleansers, scrubs or exfoliants!

They balance the pH of the skin, effectively wash, while not damaging the epidermis, and are additionally rich in minerals and antioxidants, for which the properties will thank us our complexion.

Advantages of our sponges:

– are made from 100% natural vegetable fibres,

– are free of contaminants,

– do not contain artificial additives and artificial colourings,

– are 100% biodegradable,

– are rich in minerals and antioxidants

– are environmentally friendly

– are 100% vegan

As the only Polish brand, we offer patented Korean konjac sponges. Our products guarantee invaluable comfort with every use. Thanks to unique technology, our sponges absorb water much faster than other products available on the market. Moreover, even after repeated use, they retain their original shape and appearance.

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