Nature Manufactory – Hydrolat “Sicilian Mandarin”! 50ml

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Hot Italian sun, what we miss the most during the year and what we are very happy to return to during the holidays. Wanting to remind you a little about the already forgotten holiday, we present the mandarin hydrolate straight from Sicily! Its fragrance will take us to the most beautiful corners of the island and remind us for what we love italy so much!

Mandarin is an extremely rich fruit in vitamins A and C, and their presence is greater than in lemons and oranges. It supports the treatment of acne, scars or pimples, and also perfectly tones and softens the skin! What’s more, this magical fruit thanks to its high content of antioxidants will work for the first signs of aging! Tightens the skin and cracks fine wrinkles.

We also fell in love with mandarin hydrolate for fragrance! Although gentle it’s extremely pleasant and soothing!

Recommended for all skin types, especially oily, combination, acne and capillary skin.

Ideal as a moisturizing mist, for washing off make-up and for use under serum or cream.


● moisturizing,● antiseptic,● astringent,● anti-inflammatory and anti-edubelling,● strengthens and seals brittle capillas, elasticizes skin,● tones,● anti-aging

How to use it ?
● as a replacement for everyday facial tonic; spray the skin with the product directly from the atomizer or use a cosmetic flake
● pyophile-reducing product; a cotton swab soaked in cold hydroléthalat to the face like a compress,
● refreshing mist during the day
● base for beauty treatments: applying serum, essential oil or cream,
● water phase in masks,
● delicate hair lotion; spray the hair along the entire length and leave to
COMPOSITION/INCI: Citrus Reticulata (Mandarin) Peel Water
Country of Origin: Italy


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