Magic Beauty – Eye pads – A double dose of collagen! HIT!

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Magic Beauty – Eye flakes, a double dose of collagen! HIT

Collagen flakes under the eyes, ah how I love them :)!

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Beautiful and neat, they attract looks and are able to charm even the proverbial stone. Quite often, however, in daily care, we neglect the thin and delicate skin around the eyes. However, there is nothing more deceptive than the belief that we still have time to look after her.

The skin around the eyes is four times thinner than the skin of the rest of the face. Almost completely devoid of sebaceous glands responsible for the production of a protective layer.

For many years, scientists have been looking for an effective solution in the professional fight against skin problems, especially with the delicate skin around the eyes. The result was the acquisition of natural marine collagen, in the most similar form to collagen constituting 70% of human skin protein. The main advantage of collagen is, first of all, the fact that properly applied it can visibly regenerate the skin and stimulate it to rebuild. When thinking about beautiful and seductive eyes, it is worth reaching for collagen petals from BeautyFace, prepared specially for the thin and delicate skin under the eyes. They have the form of ready-made hydrogel flakes, embedded in an activating collagen serum with a molecule 3,000 times smaller than ordinary collagen. As a result, the substances contained in the flakes are much more effectively absorbed by the skin and more effectively regenerate cells.

Directions for use: It is best to store them in the fridge before using them. After removing from the sachet, the petals under the eyes should be applied with a narrower tip towards the nose. Apply to cleansed skin, preferably in a lying position.
After 20-30 minutes, remove the petals.
Collagen patches are applied for 30 minutes 3 times in the first week and once or twice in the following week of use.


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