Humble Brush Ultra Soft – ecological toothbrush for children with a bamboo handle – Pink!

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Toothbrush for children Humble Brush Ultra Soft is an ecological product that helps protect not only the natural environment, but also cares for the health of the child. The Humble Brush is a toothbrush that is available in Sweden with the participation of dentists, which is why it offers its function in daily oral hygiene in 100%. The brush is suitable for children “from the first tooth”. Covered clean, without irritating the child’s delicate gums. Giving her a child also has benefits – it enables building his ecological assessment and a relationship with a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

The most important advantages of the Humble Brush Ultra Soft for children:
suitable for children from the very first tooth – it’s the parents who decide
biodegradable bamboo handle that fits very well in your hand
soft Italian made without harmful substances such as BPA
we cover such a brush, we care about the natural environment
Organic bamboo handle

The handle of the Humble Brush is made of bamboo wood, which is characterized by exceptional hardness and durability. For the production of Humble Brush brushes, this material is obtained for plantations, not for wild services inhabited by pandas, for which bamboo is the scope of food.

Bamboo wood is biodegradable, so after throwing the brush you do not have to worry about environmental pollution, as is the case with a plastic brush (plastic decomposes about 400 years!). The bamboo brush also has a health-promoting advantage – bamboo wood has natural antiseptic properties, which is why when cleaning teeth it helps reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth.

Pink and soft bristles ideal for children

Humble Brush Ultra Soft is a children’s toothbrush with a special softness of bristles – in this case it has a cheerful pink color, which can be liked by toddlers, girls. The softness of the bristles in the brush has been organized to provide excellent cleaning results for teeth and interdental spaces, and at the same time to protect children’s delicate gums against irritation and to prevent brushing. Thanks to this, the used Humble Brush is pleasant for children and encourages them to regularly brush their teeth.

Safe bristle without BPA

The Humble Brush children’s toothbrush is equipped with special Italian innovative nylon solutions that not only have a high degree of biodegradability, but also do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA).

Why is linking BPA harmful to health?

Bisphenol A companies for the production of plastics, as well as those used in plastic toothbrushes. This compound, after penetrating the human body, attaches to the receptors for the female hormone estrogen, thereby disrupting the natural hormonal balance. In this respect, BPA is especially dangerous for children because it negatively evaluates their development potential. It has been shown that excessive contact with BPA can have an impact on contemporary heating of children, their attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and even on developmental malformations. In adults, Bisphenol A increases the risk of type II diabetes and cancer, and also reduces male fertility. A bamboo toothbrush without BPA therefore helps to completely take care of the child’s development and health, as well as better protect them from various diseases in the future!


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