Holika Holika – Prime Youth Black Snail Repair Cream! 50ml

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Moisturizing face cream with black snail mucus extract

Cream with an extract of the black African snail hibernation cover. The ingredients contained support the skin’s regeneration processes, improve its structure. Very high content of nutrients nourishes the skin deeply penetrating and enhances the natural processes of rebuilding the outer layer of the skin. It has ingredients that stimulate the production of skin lipid components.

Product performance depends on the duration of use of the product and individual predisposition to the ingredients of the cosmetic.

Main ingredients:

Extract of black African snail mucus in a concentration of up to 70% – regenerates the skin and improves its structure. It increases the production of lipid components (mainly ceramides) as well as keratin, involucrine, filaggrin, responsible for maintaining proper hydration of the skin. Visibly improves the lipid barrier of the epidermis, making the skin more resistant to external factors
Pearl powder – the cosmetic ingredient popular in China and Japan is obtained from black pearls. It has anti-wrinkle effect, improving skin tone and protecting against the sun
Ginseng extract – has antioxidant and revitalizing properties. It regenerates the skin and improves its blood supply
Soybean extract – rich in protein, amino acids, minerals, valuable vitamins, essential fatty acids, the ingredient improves the skin’s defenses and prevents loss of epidermal moisture

Usage: After applying basic skin care, apply a small amount of cream to face and neck, gently spreading until completely absorbed
Use the product for day and / or night

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Holika Holika


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