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Household soap – natural is a product created on a plant-based basis.

The basic ingredient is a medical soap, which is a safe and very delicate foaming and cleansing ingredient with antiseptic properties.

Chamomile extract enhances antiseptic effect and gives soap a pleasant smell.

The natural antiseptic properties of chamomile allow you to effectively use soap not only for daily care of the skin of the hands, but also in the kitchen for washing dishes and work surfaces.

Especially useful for people with skin problems.

Soap has three basic properties:

1. Efficiency: for every surface.

2. Cleanliness: removes dirt of various origins in warm and cold water.

3. Safety: in 100 washed away, you can even use for washing fruit.


Soap designed for daily washing of hands, dishes, working surfaces in the kitchen.

Active ingredients – action:
Medical soap – a natural foaming ingredient, not drying out the skin and does not cause irritation.
Chamomile – (chamomile water) – natural antiseptic


Cleanliness, efficiency and safety of use. No irritation. It does not dry out the skin of the hands.

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