Fitokosmetik – Natural Iranian Chna – Hair Cream with Burdock Oil! BLACK 50ml

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Fitokosmetik – Natural Iranian Chna – Hair Cream with Burdock Oil! BLACK 50ml

Creamy hair dye ready for immediate use, innovative product in hair coloring. It is a natural, vegetable paint that consists of vegetable oil. It gives the hair a deep, healthy glow of black color, while intensively nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating hair. Cos restores hair look, makes them strong and full of energy.

Oil for working with blood rings in the scalp, nutrients and strengthening of the bulb and the entire hair.

After henna agreement the hair gets beautiful, saturated color, will become denser, more elastic, silky soft and smooth. Natural henna for hair in ready to use, for a modern cosmetic, which does not require any long time to apply. All you need is just 10-45 minutes (depending on the intensity of the color you want to get) so that you can enjoy amazing results – beautiful, intense color and healthy look of your hair.
– also choose gray) deep, saturated color
– complete hair regeneration: nutrition, hydration and strengthening
– a clear improvement in the surface structure of the entire hair
– surrounds the hair with a thin layer protecting against external elements, the essential sun
– the hair becomes denser, smooth, shiny and healthy
Directions for use: Mail from bulbs should be applied to clean, dry or slightly damp hair. It should be spread over the entire length of the hair. To keep the color intense, leave the henna in the hair for 10 minutes. For a more intense color, leave it for 45 minutes. The final result depends on the natural color of the hair and their structure. The longer you hold your hair, the more dark the color will come. Hair should be washed with warm water without using shampoo.




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