Fitokosmetic – Siberian green nutritional cushion – 75g

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Fitokosmetic – Siberian green nutritional cushion – 75g

Earth and herbs from the Siberian taiga is an inexhaustible source of natural energy and strength. Green Siberian clay saturates the deep layers of the skin with nutritious substances; Seven-ringer strengthens and tones, the bearberry restores skin elasticity and elasticity, actively firms, chamomiles moisturize, soothes irritations, smoothes and softens the skin.


Herbs from Siberian taiga:

    • Seven-sunflower (rosa sabelnik) – one of the best means to remove salt deposits, used in all bone and joint diseases, as well as for the treatment of dislocations and stretched tendons. Used as wraps of fresh or dried herb. Known as an anti-inflammatory agent.

    • Bearberry – has an antiseptic effect, removes excessive flaking and irritation.

    • Chamomile – used on the skin and mucous membranes is helpful in removing inflammation, wounds and ulcers. It soothes irritations, dry skin, pruritus.

Directions for use: pour clay over warm water, mix to obtain the consistency of cream. The resulting mass is applied to the skin with the omission of the eye area. We wash with water after 10-15 minutes. For a visible effect, we suggest using a mask 1-2 times a week. Product only for external use.

Ingredients: Green Clay, Comarum Palustre Extract (Euphorbia arboretum), Arctostaphylos Extract (bearberry), Chamomilla Recutita Extract (chamomile)

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