DUSHKA – Hand-made cosmetics 100% natural – GUMMY SCRUB, RAINBOW LOLIPOP! 200ml?

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DUSHKA – Hand-made cosmetics 100% natural – PEELING GUMA LIZAK RAINBOW! 200ml?
Peeling-gum in which 7 colors of the rainbow and 7 wonderful scents: black currant, mint, a breath of freshness, apple, banana, apricot, strawberry. Each layer of it smells different!

Ingredients: sugar, salt, olive oil, almond seed oil and avocado, olive emulsifier, acacia resin, natural food flavor, natural food coloring, vitamin E, rosemary extract.

How to use: light, massaging movements, apply a small amount of peeling on wet skin and then wash with warm water.

Important! The product should be stored in a dry, dark place and avoid direct contact with water or moisture – under such conditions the rubber may harden. If the peeling has become a bit harder, rub it with your hands, but under no circumstances should you add water!

Contraindications: allergy or hypersensitivity to product components.

Expiry date: 6 months, after opening – 3 months.

Storage: should be stored at 5 – 25 ° C, avoiding direct sunlight on the product.

We would like to point out that all our cosmetics are made by hand, therefore the color of the product may differ from the one presented in the picture




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