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Illuminating mica, mattifying zinc oxide, responsible for uva/uvb protection at 10 SPF titanium dioxide and coloring iron oxides and ultramarine, provide safe and durable make-up, improving both appearance and well-being.

Forget the clogged pore, unbreathable subsystem, poor covering of discoloration or the effect of the mask. Annabelle Minerals’ mattifying mineral primer not only does not irritate the skin. It also supports regeneration processes, relieves inflammation and regulates the production of sebum, as a result by reducing the glow of the complexion.

The mattifying formula provides medium to full opacity and is especially intended for people with oily or greasy skin. The primer successfully copes with covering up skin problems and skin imperfections.

Golden shades are designed for people with a warm beauty type. They are dominated by yellow notes with an admixture of olive tones.

The Golden Fair mattifying primer will work well for people with a light complexion, slightly falling into a yellow shade. Easy to apply, gives a sense of lightness and natural appearance. It is the most popular shade among the mineral primers of Annabelle Minerals.

Comfortable and elegant solid plastic jar with strainer protects the primer from spillage.

Composition: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides


Annabelle Minerals mineral primer is most convenient to apply the intended primer brush: flat top brush, kabuki brush, short top brush or Softie L makeup sponge.

A loose mineral primer can be applied both dry and wet.

Applying wet primer, it is enough to spray the brush with thermal water or hydrosummer, then gently dip it in the cosmetic. The primer will then achieve a creamy consistency.

If you prefer the dry app, then:

1. Pour a little mineral primer on a jar cap;

2. Put the selected brush to the surface of the cosmetic, screw the powder in the bristles;

3. Excess wipes against the top of the hand;

4. Spread a thin layer of mineral primer over the face with circular movements, directing the brush from the inner parts of the face towards the outer. This will ensure an even application and no inequality;

5. Be sure to spread the primer up to the jaw line;

6. If you think the opacity is too delicate, open the action until the desired effect is achieved.

You will get a natural effect after a few minutes after applying the primer, when the minerals combine with your skin.

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