ALEPIA – ALEPPO soap 5% Laurel Oil! 190g

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Thanks to natural antiseptic ingredients(laurel oil),as well as healing and moisturizing properties(laurel oil, olive oil),it renews the hydrolipid film.

Due to its soothing and protective properties it is intended for dry, and normal skin. Alep soap is applied to both the face, body and hair.

It does not cause allergies.

It is created on the basis of olive oil,which is why used regularly does not dry out, but leaves the skin delicate and well moisturized.

Alep Soap is a noble product that includes only natural raw materials: Olive Oil and Laurel Oil.

It does not contain dyes, ingredients of animal origin, fragrances or other ingredients that could cause allergies.

Product not tested on animals.

Sodium Olivate, Aqua (Water), Sodium Laurate, Sodium Hydroxide.

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