ALEPIA – ALEP soap 25% Laurel Oil! 190g

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Alep soap (25% laurel oil) is a completely natural product. The soap formula, developed exclusively on the basis of natural raw materials, does not contain in its original form artificial dyes, preservatives, tensides, perfumes, or other irritants. It’s a purely biological product – perfect! It does not cause allergies.

Alep soap has authentic healing advantages, thanks to antiseptic ingredients (laurel oil), as well as healing and moisturizing properties (laurel oil, olive oil), which renew the hydrolipid film. Due to its soothing and protective properties, it is intended for dry skins, affected by such diseases as psoriasis, acne, eczema.

The purity and quality of the raw materials included in the soap guarantees its longevity. Natural ingredients (virgin olive oil, laurel oil and soda obtained by the traditional sea salt method) give it unique properties.

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