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What is oil and how does it work on hair?

Although colloquially we call it broccoli, this oil is made from cold pressing only grains, not whole broccoli. Still, it can have a slightly greenish color and a delicate aroma of this vegetable. Its amazing properties are due to a certain chemical structure. In the composition of broccoli oil we find, first of all, a large amount of monoinsaturated erulic acid from the omega-9 group. This acid, due to its long chains, creates a film on the hair similar to the one left by silicones. After using it, the hair is therefore more shiny, slippery and smooth just like after silicones.

Who will be the best for?

Oil, of course, is ideal for high-porous hair, which by nature lacks smoothness and brilliance, but not only. It will also work equally well if we have hair with medium porosity. On them, such a smoothing film will also give positive results, and only holders of low-porous hair can be dissatisfied with it. Here, the coating that oil will leave behind can act too burdensomely and make the hair cloudy and without volume. Blondes must also watch out for him, because he has a rather dark, greenish color!

Not just for hair!

Broccoli oil is also ideal for caring for mature or air-polluted skin. We can also use it for the body, hands, as well as extremely dry parts: elbows, knees or cuticle at nails.

Oil, unrefined, cold pressed. Glass bottle, with pipette. It is best stored in the refrigerator.

How do I use it?
The similarity of broccoli oil to silicones makes it an ideal preparation for securing tips and applying after washing or between washes to smooth and protect hair. So we can distribute the minimum amount of it (2-3 drops) evenly on still moist or already completely dry hair, but not only. Broccoli oil can be added to a portion of conditioner or mask, which does not sufficiently burden our hair, but also used for traditional oiling. From the latter will be especially pleased hair with high porosity.

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