01. Hello, my Friends!

Let me start with a short history of how it started (I think many of you had similarl situation) plus curiosity – where did the name of the company come from

I came to the Netherlands almost five years ago, with time I started to have quite big skin problems due to climate change, water and diet. So it started … looking for the right cosmetics, trying, testing, “shamanism” – “Shamanka” – the name of the store, my boyfriend just started talking to me “You are Szaman ” when I was once again allergic to some super expensive brand recommended by another great actress and model cream or liquid or acted on me completely differently – despite the “super composition” or the super component – without him in the composition (haha). I missed brands available in Poland!

I came to the conclusion that such an online store with the majority of natural and specialized cosmetics, with competitive prices is a good idea.

I do not want you to wait until you leave to buy the cosmetics you missed and waste your time walking at drugstores and wondering what would help here, what to take here, instead of resting on a long-awaited vacation.

02. Why is it worth it?

  • With me you will find everything that is necessary for your body care!
  • Cosmetics in my store are clinically tested.
  • The products are not tested on animals.
  • Most of them have over 80% of the natural composition
  • The products are always original and come only from reliable suppliers with the longest possible validity.
  • Perfect for people with sensitive complexion and allergies!

I try to make the product photos and descriptions as good as possible, so that you can read the product thoroughly before making a purchase decision.

03. Team

My team consists of two people: Me and my boyfriend Kamil helps me.
At the beginning I will introduce myself – my name is Magdalena Widzińska, I would like to welcome you in the online shop! 🙂

This is the first store – a company I have taken care of, that is why it is very important to make me feel good, have everything legible and easy to “embrace”
I hope that I meet your expectations!
If you have any advice for me or expect something – for example, to improve, please do not hesitate and write: